What the Cosmos? Astrology Reading


What the Cosmos? Astrology Reading


Psychic Astrology Readings: What the Cosmos? 

I will utilize my psychic ability & training in addition to Astrology to intuit what’s going on for you cosmically. 

If you’ve got one focus question, great. 

If you’re open to let whatever to rise through, also great. 

This reading is meant to support you in receiving messages, insights, clarity and impressions about what is going on with you energetically so you can access your own essence & understanding. 

I will read your energy, and allow the session to flow where it is drawn to go with your Astrology chart at the helm. August is full of beautiful cosmic alignments after a very heavy Eclipse & Retrograde season so this reading stand to highlight where the energetic attention is going for you & how it’s developing. 

These are delivered via audio recording (approx. 45 mins)

PLEASE NOTE: I need your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Location of Birth to conduct this reading. (Readings are Non refundable due to the personalized nature). Please allow at least 10 business days after your purchase for reading delivery. 

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