I'm Nikki Brocco and I'm the creator of Magical Soul Bitches

i'm a sensitive witchy woman obsessed with self-expression, the full spectrum of duality, healing, self-knowledge and delving into the darkness.  


Hey hey! So I guess it’s pretty flattering that you want to know a bit more about me...at least that’s what I’m assuming if you’ve click clacked on this portion of the site.

I’m not that great chatting about myself but let’s give this a shot. I too am one of those people that likes to know about the person behind the work - so I get it. I may be a Scorpio whom loves to pretend to be all mysterious BUT I’m not quite that cool yet.

Let’s begin.

I’m Nikki Brocco, born and raised on Long Island, New York (it’s that little fish shaped slab of land to the right of New York City).

Conventional timelines have me set at 31 years old.

As I’ve mentioned I’m a Scorpio Sun.

But I’m also a Libra Rising and Virgo Moon - with lots of Sagittarius! I have to mention this because I mean - the bulk of what I yammer on about is Astrology after all!

PAUSE - Mini Astro Lesson:

The Sun, Moon and Rising are the most important part of your astrological makeup if you’re really looking to narrow that shit down. So there’s still hope for you if you find yourself saying “I don’t resonate with my sign - Astrology is fake!” ...You probably got something else going on in there that’ll make all the fucking sense when we (or you!) take a looksie. And you can gain a plethora of information from those 3 signs. (fyi the zodiac sign that you answer when someone asks “what sign are you?” is your Sun sign!)

In layman’s terms…

What does being a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon and Libra Rising say about me?

Well it means I’m an emotionally intense (Scorpio) nervous wreck (Virgo) who always pretends not to be to keep the peace (Libra).

Gosh that sounded real harsh. In truth - that’s only part of the story.

The other polarity of these archetypes (that’s what zodiac signs really are after all!) is that of a:

  • Powerful emotional claircognizance & alchemizing ability (Scorpio)

  • Integrative discernment and healing (Virgo)

  • Ambiance conjuring, connectivity conscious, Aesthetic witch (Libra)

To boot: These 3 signs of mine are the 3 “transformative” signs of the zodiac. Meaning - this life is fully primed for me to live in the liminal space of existence.

It’s why I’m existential as fuck and why you’ll see A LOT of that here.

PAUSE - Mini Astro Lesson:

  • Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo are PERSONAL signs (meaning concerned with individual development)

  • Virgo, Libra and Scorpio are the TRANSFORMATIVE signs (meaning concerned with bridging, connecting, assimilating, and intimacy)

  • Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are COLLECTIVE signs (meaning concerned with the various branches of humanity and macrocosmic experiences/themes).

I hope you’re starting to get a little feely feel for how it feels to be a part of this shindig here and how I emote in this crazy ass world. If not - just stay tuned and you’ll slowly start to “get” it - if it resonates with your flavor of soul. There’s a Newsletter, a Blog and a wicked Instagram space to stay connected (I really love using Instagram to express btw - speaks to my Libra visual aesthetic senses).  

And I really hope you’re starting to get WHY I love Astrology so much and delving into all things esoteric and witchcrafty and pagan because basically that shit helped me stop feeling so fucking crazy and abnormal while also helping me accept my personal brand of “what the fuck?”.

Validation is often demonized because yeah - looking for it extensively and always outside of yourself is no good. BUT Astrology is like..actually looking right at your inner landscape for validation of yourself - when you use it with respect and care of course - and that’s really awesome. Don’t use that shit as a crutch for being a jerk - that’s not cute.

Well well I’m feeling pretty sassy writing this for some reason. I swear I’m usually ultra emo dramatic when I write ( I have my Mercury in Scorpio for christsake!) - evidence ala blog. But sometimes the sarcasm’s gotta come out to play to disarm myself while I do this too (that’s all the Sagittarius talking)!

Anyways - so how did I get here doing...all this?

Well here it is in a nutshell: As a kid I was so highly sensitive I conjured the damn shingles in my body at age 12, I struggled through most of school energetically because it was overwhelming as fuck to be around...so much - but I still maintained high grades because I was just trying to survive, I also survived these times by tapping into my inner fashionista - pretty much I made attending public school bearable by utilizing my appearance to express myself (yes I was a goth mini Amy Lee) - that’s what led me to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and ironically dorm there (mistake - sharing space with 40 plus ladies also made me sick) - learned that after the first year and then finally got my Associates degree and later on certificate in Creative Enterprise Ownership from there. I worked some odd jobs as most people do while figuring it all out. Loved wellness, wellbeing and emotional health so I got a certificate in coaching from good old Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Did that whole thing for a while - tried to be all “positive light worker” la la la and found - that shit def wasn’t very “me” either. And finally FINALLY admitted to myself yet again that I was a little Psychic Witch Bitch who loved all things dark, underground, shadowy, perverse and ..that I really did LOVE Astrology and how it made me feel. I was always coming back to it.

So about 3 years ago-ish I started to Self Teach myself Astrology and to this day am still mostly self taught - I read and research a lot and take courses here and there to expand my knowledge. I had always followed my own Sun Sign astrology - but this world is expansive. And while I don’t always feel comfortable saying I’m an Astrologer - because at the core of this - everything I share is more Shadow work and having to do with the Psyche and our Inner Landscape - Astrology is one of the vessels used to illustrate this work.

I also completed an absolutely grueling 9 month training called: The Psychic Training with veteran healer Erin Schroeder. This was one of the best decisions of my life: I REALLY found out what it meant to confront myself and meet my darkness. I learned how to sense and see my aura - and others. I learned how to move energy through me, about cosmic and earth energy, and about everything in between. I had finally found a group of witches that “got it” that didn’t feed me some love and light bullshit. We sat in the dark to together and embraced our very witch human perverse selves. I completed this training in June 2018 and I’m still integrating all that work.

I probably left some stuff out that’s not coming to mind right now - but that’s the gist of what this all is.

“Magical Soul Bitches” (oye - I’m probably changing the name soon!) came from really needing a space to EMOTE, to express, to gather and to speak to my love for all things wordy and beautiful - thus why Instagram, the fucker that it is, is still where I do that shit the most and as ridiculous as it sounds is like an interactive vision board that includes the past, present and future of my energy - a little diary that I share with a community of like minded badass witchcraft laced souls from across the world.

It’s pretty cool, I dig it.

I share this work I do because it drives me crazy to see people constantly torture and flog themselves emotionally wondering why they are the way they are and that it’s somehow wrong. Or that people get stuck into this one look book type version of spirituality.


I share it all because I don’t fit into that box either and I embrace this fucked up human condition by doing what it takes to get more embodied in it instead of pretending things like oppression and and ancestral trauma don’t exist. I’m not here for the “We create our own reality” spiritual bypassing that is so rampant.

But I am here for the totality and alchemy of integrated magical selves.

Hope you are too.

🖤 Nikki