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My name is Nikki & I have a 3rd house Sagittarius stellium...

Which put plainly means: I love to express myself and the knowledge I possess via the medium of writing, thus this blog space where I share my Astrological insights into the current and upcoming transits each month and offer various services each year catering to Natal Astro and Moon Cycle Astro. And yes that is me half naked up there in a field ^-^

If you enjoy what I write here on my Blog and the astrological and metaphysical musings I share several times a week over on Instagram (@magicalsoulbitches) any amount of donation so that I may continue to write, create and share in these spaces sustainably is much welcome and appreciated. I am so thankful for this community and everything is has brought into my life and taught me, and I'm ever so conjuring any support that will allow me to continue on this journey with you. 

What does each donation or purchase of a service allow me to do?

  • Continue to cover the various expenses related to this business and hosting this website so that I can may share this work with as much ease as possible for all involved.

  • Support an industry of small solo witch entrepreneurs to expand even wider than it has over the past few years. In order for this mass shift in society we are experiencing to take root (where the feminine is rising and being honored for it's wisdom and its cycles) it is my personal belief that our economic power must deepen and be equal in society as well. This belief is truly what drives me to keep going even on my worst days.

  • The continued growth and knowledge of this body of work via education opportunities and complementary trainings.


Thank you so much for your wondrous witchcraft! 

with magic,


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Photography by Melissa Frederick

Photography by Melissa Frederick