Here you can read the first hand experiences clients and readers have had with my work!


“ WOW. YOU FUCKING NAILED ME. I JUST FINISHED THE RECORDING AND I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW. It's wild to me how you described me to a t. I've listened to the recording three times now, and it's opened up so much for me. I knew everything you said for the most part, but hearing you say it gave me the comfort of knowing that I'm not screwed up. I feel a sense of calm knowing that I'm just how I'm supposed to be and that I need to make the best of my gifts now.” - S.L

“Completely blown away with this reading....wow wow wow!!! You’ve got some serious skills girlfriend. Also blown away by how quickly you got this reading to me. I still was meaning to respond to your last message and you were already on it with the reading. Really impressed beyond words with your work. I feel like I lucked out having you read for me. I’ve always wanted a professional chart reading, and I feel super lucky to have you do this first chart reading ever fit me!
I’m a client for life. Your work and talent is top notch..
Thank you thank you thank you” - M.B



“ I loved my reading! Thank you very much I have listen to it twice already and plan on listening to it again while taking notes! thank you for being so thorough.” - E.M

“Hey! I just wanted to circle back and say your reading was so spot on in every way! All of it. Thank you again. I look forward to doing more readings with you in the future.” - J.S