Psychic Astrology Reading:

What the Cosmos? 

How it works

I will utilize my psychic ability & training in addition to Astrology to intuit what’s going on for you cosmically. 

If you’ve got one focus question, great. If you’re open to let whatever to rise through, also great.

I will read your energy, then allow the session to flow where it is drawn to go with your Astrology chart at the helm.

For most of you, I will likely be using a combination of Natal(Birth) & Transits (Current Aspects). This reading highlights who you are at the core where the energetic attention is going for you & how it’s developing. 

This session is meant to support you in receiving messages, insights, clarity and impressions about what is going on with you energetically so you can access your own essence & understanding. The intention is for it to serve as a channel of guidance & validation & inspire next steps.

These are delivered via audio recording lasting approximately 45-60 mins.

Who is it for?

Pretty much everyone.

This reading is an open, but focused container.

I can explore your Natal Chart only if that's what you need & want at the moment.

I can explore a specific question you have whether it's about your Natal Chart or a current astrology Transit that you think is leaving you frazzled or confused. 

I can even do "Whats going on for me in January 2020?” if that’s your thing.

Or you can leave it totally up to me, knowing that you'll receive exactly what it is that you need. Personally, that's my favorite option! 

Keep in mind I will cover as much as I can in within that 45-60 mins but when I feel the reading is complete for the moment, I will begin to wrap things up! You can always purchase an additional reading in the future to go deeper on something that pops up & intrigues you - there are so many layers to our charts & new things coming up via transits often. 

And Yes I'll include a picture of your chart in the email I send you.
(Readings are delivered via Dropbox links by the way)

PLEASE NOTE: I need your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Location of Birth to conduct this reading. Readings are Non Refundable due to the personalized nature. Please allow at least 10 business days after your purchase for reading delivery. Please check your spam folders for my email. If I’m expecting a longer wait time for readings, I’ll let you know via the email you indicate at checkout.

What the Cosmos? Astrology Reading
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