a witch awakened tote bags

“Hell Hath No Fury Like A Witch Awakened” is a phrase I’ve gone by for the past few years now. For me it marks the process of awakening to your Power and you inherent inner Witch -which we all possess.

I am currently offering this design in 2 different styles of tote bags.

Pick the one that speaks to you or grab both styles (you get a discount when you buy more than one tote!). They are incredibly comfortable to wear, can fit books, magazines, personal items and make a perfect companion when you go shopping and don’t want to use plastic.

Obviously, they are also quite the proud statement maker.

I’m so happy to live in a time where we can literally wear our Witch pride out in the open!

So here you are babes - click the links to get yours!



Style one

This style is comes in 2 different sizes: small (13”x13”) and medium (16”x16”) and has a little bit more of an kitschy American Horror Story feel to it, it’s bold and it’s unapologetic. I use this one FREQUENTLY.

style two

This style is a bit more old school witch and has an ancient feeling to me. It comes in the small size only right now (13”x13”). I like this one when I’m going for a more streamlined look.


witches honor

These totes are manufactured by Redbubble. I buy from many artists on Redbubble and their totes are highly quality, durable and a great size. These totes are made in the USA and can ship anywhere thanks to the extensive network that Redbubble has.

Please keep this in mind: the small sized totes are bit closer to 12”x 12” when lax. I like transparency so that’s why I’m sharing this with you. But I really do adore these bags and would not be using this company if I hadn’t already purchased many items from them.

On the off chance you have problems with shipment or product - you contact Redbubble and they resolve it asap. Their customer service is truly amazing.

These totes are not flimsy at all the way many are made - good quality for the price in my opinion!