• PART 1 : Juno ~> Gemini 

  • PART 2 : Aquarius Season 

  • PART 3 : Mars ~> Taurus  

  • PART 4 : Mercury & Vesta in Pisces 

  • PART 5 : Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces 


PART 1:  JUNO -> GEMINI (Feb 11 - April 20th) 

Funny enough Juno, the Goddess Asteroid of Unity, Marriage, Relationship Power Dynamics, Intimate Needs just moved into Mutable Air sign Gemini earlier this week & the Moon is here today as well! Gemini shares the stage on his love centric day. 

Juno in Gemini brings the relationship focus upon that good old splendid and sometimes dreaded COMMUNICATION! We know - that SO much tension generated in intimate partnerships come from difficulty communicating - speaking the language that our partners will truly hear, listen to and understand. It’s amazing how they never really taught us how to DO this throughout all our years of education and yet it’s an integral part in supporting bonding, team work, and evolution. Juno in Gemini will emphasize our NEED to be really be able to TALK with our partners. We want a banter, we want to be able to talk in depth just as much as we talk about the superficial. We want to feel like we can trust others with what we say, what we share. Gemini is very shapeshifter - and teaches us the lesson that our voice takes the form of many mediums depending upon the environment and the skills we currently possess - and yes our emotional state. We all know that sometimes - we can communicate very clearly - and other times - everything comes out as a mess - or we don’t really say what we meant or look back and think “this is what I really meant and I wish I could tell this person that.” THIS is your opportunity to do that. If something has been bugging you that a partner said a while back - you have some cosmic support here to ask for further clarification “What DID you mean when you said…?”. And if you know that you made a mess with your words and can tell that someone you care about has been deeply wounded or influenced by that - revisit it. It could make all the difference if you’re coming from a clearer space, and have had time to percolate on it. Communicating with each other takes time - practice and patience - and even some experimenting - use this period of time to work on that. There is nothing wrong about NEEDING to talk with your partners about all realms of life. The other way that this can come through is seeking VARIETY from partners - yes some of y’all may want to dabble with polyamorous relationship dynamics OR simply just want to share more affection with your friends! 



A few days ago I realized how much I love the fact that Valentines Day falls during Aquarius season. Aquarius gets the reputation of being “detached” as Fixed Air sign that is highly intellectual yet devastatingly Psychic. Most people think that Uranus is the ONLY energy to be associated with Aqua - the planet of rebellion, freedom, change, awakening. YET Aqua was originally ruled by Saturn - and the influence of this very Committed, Traditional, Responsible planet is there too. So Saturn & Uranus as co-rulers to Aquarius brings on the theme of Structured Freedom and Lucrative Lucious Liberation - it’s truly an odd combination - yet…don’t we all want security and space at the same time? Aqua -  can be quite chaotic and immature in it’s lower expression and even cold and distant YET when this archetype matures it’s well….hella mature if you really think about it; the ability to know that a relationship requires both conscious commitment AND the space for individual evolution to thrive is a pretty big deal. AND what I love about Aquarius right now too in this realm of the Love is that it SCREAMS OUT to LOVE what makes you or your partner WEIRD. You chose your partner(s) for a reason - celebrate what makes them unique and a “fit” for your love. It reminds us to open up to those things that may lay just outside of the norm about us. Celebrate your offbeat needs, celebrate your cheesy needs too. Love up your weirds. AND what’s also great about this is the Aquarius is the sign of Community, Humanitarianism, and…FRIENDS. So yes today and this weekend are gorgeous times to share the love, appreciation and affection WITH them too. Our Intimate partnerships can become more friendly and our Friend partnerships can become more Intimate. Aquarius also tells us to embrace the “no shame” mentality and to be bold, courages, loud and expressive with our Love - what we love - whether it be a person, a group, or a cause that we believe greatly in. So hell yes to that. 


PART 3: MARS -> TAURUS (Feb 14th - March 31st) & Venus in Capricorn  (Feb 3rd - March 1st)

The zodiac “lovers” are BOTH in grounded, materializing, rich Earth Signs! 

Mars will be in Taurus for the next 6 weeks - creating a bit of a slow down. If you recall we are coming down from a very electrifying and igniting conjunction between said Mars & Uranus in those very last degrees of Aries - it was intense to say the least - I had many people asking me “what the hell!” - these two are bold, assertive, and change agents - in a very headstrong, passionate sign. Now…we start to feel the ground settle a bit with Mars walking the fertile Taurean earth. Mars in Taurus is all about setting our own pace, gathering our strength, honing in on our resources, on our talents and what we value. Mars, as the planet of action, shows us …patience and tact in that action - to wait for the moment that we see something “worth” our passion, our desire. Now that’s not a free reign to look at your fellow humans and say “What can this person do for me?” or to rate others worth. No no no. This is about recognizing how worthy you are to receive love and how valuable your love is when you give it. And to yes, be more discerning in a way - whom you allow to hold it in their possession. Because you don’t want to squander your loving resources to those who don’t fully appreciate it. Think about passing on heirlooms - the family member that is most likely to guard and respect that heirloom is going to be the one tasked with the responsibility of possessing it. Perhaps a new first date question to ask yourself (and hell even them!) “Is my love actually SAFE with you? How?”. See Taurus loves evidence, results, and to FEEL “it” through the tactile senses “You don’t really know something until your body knows”. Mars in Taurus craves to know love in this human body of ours - the sensual pleasure it is capable of. Like lets be real - yeah our Spirits are cool and everything BUT ..THIS BODY is ours for a reason - to be a bit hedonist, ya feel me? So Mars - the every hyper masculine - learns to take it slow in Taurus, to soften even in it’s density, to receive, to ..well..enjoy the foreplay that is possible with human life in general. And Venus in Capricorn - I wrote about her transit on Feb 4th so you can check that out - but in short - Venus in Capricorn is looking for something that is capable of withstanding the test of time, that holds that sort of increasing appreciation, a fine wine that ages with time. She reminds us of boundaries - how they serve US well and gives direction to our loves about what is okay and what is not. The Lovers in Earth signs underneath these skies speaks to really grounding in Love in the most human of ways - with a little bit of “I want it all” thrown in the mix. 


PART 4: Mercury & Vesta conjoined in Pisces 

Underneath all of this - there is a spiritual tone. A sacred tone. Mercury is the planet of communication and gathering information - as I’ve said this transit allows us to speak to the unspoken and to the hidden subtle cues that perhaps our partners are “telling” us. We may attract connections in our dreamtimes at night - speaking to either passed love ones or with those we are currently in some type of partnership with - communing across the astral planes. So you see - we have the opportunity to actually speak with loved ones in real time thanks to Juno in Gemini AND across the ethers with this combination of Astrology. Vesta in Pisces from a relationship space can serve us in seeing how we can be locked into love situations that drain us, create a sense of victimhood, and over-service to others - and help us reclaim the sacredness of “love” by guiding us towards focusing on those core spiritual wounds to transcend them. Mercury & Vesta are communicating and may show us - again through that dream space - the subconscious/unconscious agreements we’ve made that keep us looped into unhealthy toxic suffering situations. Perhaps we gain some kind of existential pleasure from our pain? It’s worth exploring. There’s also likely a bit of talk around “twin flame” energy with this - now I’m not well versed in that/don’t exactly know if I believe it - but do I think we make agreements with other souls across lifetimes - yes. So maybe focusing on some meditations that allow you to energetically connect with these other souls out there and clear contracts or energies can be useful. If you don’t actually want to talk to perhaps - past lovers or are unable to because they passed on - there is some energy here helping us engage. This is very much the “woo woo” part of it all. 


PART 5: Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (Feb 17th)

Venus in Capricorn will sextile understanding and compassionate Neptune in Pisces. Since Valentine’s day was just a few days ago this brings back the centered love into the picture. You might find the common goal once more in your unions and connect on a deeper spiritual level. Neptune in Pisces is very fond of cinema and artistry, activating the imagination and desiring escapism and so it may feel very practical to engage in such activities for yourself & with your loves - almost as a way even to reward yourselves for making it through Eclipse season from last month and some of this unpredictable but awakening energy we seem to be having. Allow yourself to treat your hard work with something magical, otherworldly or engage in a wildly creative and lush activity you’ve been wanting to do. This may be the better day to have a date with something or with yourself. Follow the path of synchronicities for the next few days and expect that alignment to come through. Capricorn and Pisces can be an incredibly match because Pisces teaches Cap how to open up other realms and have faith. And Cap teaches Pisces how to do the work that makes dreams real and tangible - how to build them. 

Okay loves this completes this series!!! I hope you enjoyed! Love to you all!!!Hope your day and weekend is full of the quirky, perfect for you kind of Loving you most need right now. MWAH. 

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